Eye Tests in Telford

Sight glorious sight

Eye TestSight is the result of a biological marvel and it begins with an evolved high precision instrument… our EYES. An instrument that focuses light & gives us a perception of our surroundings in a split second. As with every other high precision instrument, it requires regular aftercare. An eye test maintains clear vision by optimising your focus & observing your eye health.

By visiting us you have made a decision to preserve if not to improve your vision. This is the point we get to work. Your eyes deserve the latest in equipment & our evolved testing techniques will have you in focus in no time. Our tailored eye examinations usually take 30 minutes culminating in the ideal visual solutions for you.

Open to all

Hd Eyes Opticians Inside ShopAt HD Eyes we offer Private, NHS & Corporate eye tests. A private test costs £25 and can usually be claimed back from employers or healthcare schemes. We usually test children from 4 onwards but are happy to see anyone younger if parents have any concerns.

We are a practice with you in mind & with an ‘everyone welcome’ attitude are happy to accommodate any peculiar/interesting request. With a commitment to ensuring the best experience & outcome, we look forward to exceeding your expectations over the years to come.

Enhanced Eye Tests

We now also offer Enhanced OCT Eye Tests for early detection of eye conditions.