Introducing the next generation of eye examinations… OCT

OCT Eye Scan

Eye examination seem to have come on a long way since the ‘can you read what’s on the chart’? As the increasing burden on the NHS takes its toll, we find the first point of contact for many patients are the front line health services such as Pharmacists, Opticians etc. The questions we ask ourselves[…]

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Sunglasses are more important than you may think

woman sunglasses

Why do we wear sun glasses? A little style conscious / simply vain? Want to hide those bushy eyebrows in between eye threading appointments? Aware of the dangers of UV radiation? …errr… We all know the importance of sun protection for our skin but what about the harm that it can do to our eyes? The ‘eye’ is a[…]

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Varifocals… a bit like marmite?

We hope to convince you otherwise…… Have you ever wanted your reading specs but can only find your driving specs? Wouldn’t life be easier if you could see everything with just one pair of glasses? For convenience a varifocal lens is the best answer, but often people are put off by scary stories surrounding this[…]

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Calling all Fashionistas…

Fashionable Woman Glasses

Top tips for choosing fabulous frames for 2014. Wondering what the latest trends are for choosing your new look, here are a few suggestions hot off the cat walk… Light & Feminine One of the hottest looks for eyewear, soft, translucent colours with feminine touches. Whether you prefer sophisticated smooth ovals or oversized glam shapes[…]

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Is your eyesight good enough for the darker nights?

Man Glasses Night

Eye tests are often neglected, it is important that people get their eyes tested regularly. This is especially necessary when people are driving in autumn and winter, when it gets darker earlier in the day. Often people do not realise how much they are struggling to see properly until they start driving in the dark.[…]

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